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Black Screen

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I downloaded the free version of photostage slide show

I put in some pics

I put in an audio track

it played well in there

I hit build slideshow

eventually a file appeared in ... my video ... folder

I played it in bs player... all I got was a black screen

no sound atall .

am I missing something here ?

thanks for advice

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17 hours ago, RayKoonce said:

You wrote this in 2009 it says. Guess what? I just downloaded the free program and it not only goes to black screen, it shuts my computer down.  You'd think that in 8 years they'd have debugged the thing.

On that case I recommend you to open a Support ticket since this case looks to be very specific it might be possible that there is a Hardware problem or something else is affecting the program. 

Please use this link: http://www.nch.com.au/support/supportcontact.html  So you can get the assistance that you need. 

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