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Error. Other side said: Decline


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13:31:22 Pocket Talk Run

13:31:22 SIP Private IP is:

13:31:22 SIP Public IP is:


13:31:22 SIP Number:


13:31:22 Attempting to register


13:31:23 Registered as:


13:32:23 Initiated sip call to: 63647049

13:33:23 Error. Other side said: Decline

13:34:23 Call has disconnected

14:11:21 Incoming SIP call

14:11:21 Call has disconnected


trying to place outgoing call, it rings a few time and disconnected. Tried calling in, phone rings a few time and disconnected too. I am running on Omnia i900 with WM6.5 installed with Express Talk Business. My sip is Pfingo.

Pls advise. tks a million

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A Delclined error is very vague, it just means the call was rejected for some reason.


Keep in mind that the service provider can choose to generate whatever error code they want, so 'declined' can mean something different from provider to provider, so it is up to us to try and guess what the problem is.


I'm thinking it could mean:

- Insufficient funds / account balance negative

- Username/password combination is incorrect

- You are not authorized to dial that kind of number

- The dialed number is not formatted correctly

- The callee decided to screen and reject your call

- General call failure, perhaps service-wide

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