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Caption a Blank Clip


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I'm trying this out with V2.01.


I have clips in the sequence bar, have inserted blank clips between them, want to put captions on the blank clips.


I can't figure out how to do that but the online help says it can be done.


Also, I having a lot of problems with V2.01 becoming "not responding" with multiple instances (usually two) in that situation. I have to end videopad.exe in the processes tab to close the not responding apps. And I lose all my work when that happens.


Is the Pro version any more stable? I'm not going to buy it as it is now.





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I just opened VideoPad, added a blank clip to the bare timeline, clicked the green star to add a title and it took ages for the dialog to appear. But it did, eventually! :D


Thanks for your reply.


I was playing with it again last night and was able to get it to do the same thing.


I see now that when I add a blank clip, sometimes the small green star icon is on the clip and sometimes it is not. It seems to be kind of hit or miss.


I was going to buy the software because of the special half price offer they had going but that expired last night.


I still occasionally get problems where I have to go to the Task Manager and end the videopad.exe process from the process tab. When that happens, I see two instances of videopad on the applications tab but cannot close them from there.


All in all, I'm not sure if I'm seeing problems with the free demo version but am not willing to pay money to find out if the registered version works better.


Someone from NCH needs position themselves as a potential buyer using the demo and pursue the process of getting support or questions answered. It is an arcane labyrinth of menus and choice loops that kept taking me back to the page where I started instead of a page where I could ask a question. Very frustrating.


The sad part of it all is that I really want a video editing software. After getting my butt thoroughly kicked by trying to use Windows Movie Maker, another thoroughly unintuitive M$ free crap software with very poor help, I found Videopad easy to get started with but have now run into this problem...


The Videopad online help is a good start but it leaves many questions answered. They mention a "manual" in several places but I could not find anything more detailed or informative than the online help. If there is a manual anywhere I could not find it. The online line help is rudimentary at best. It does not even have a index to features, a cross reference to terminology, or show or relate any icons or screen shots.


Thanks again for your help...



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If I ever outgrow VideoPad I will probably install Ubuntu (free Linux) on my D: drive (keeping C: safe from possible bootup problems) or buy a USB harddrive and install it on that. I'd rather spend money of hardware than software :P


Then I'd get to grips with the Kdenlive and OpenShot editors. I've played with them in a VirtualBox emulator and they seem quite good. Ubuntu really is very friendly B)


See it being installed and used here

- well worth a try to see how you like it, doesn't cost anything.

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