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ID3 Tags and Filenames

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I've just purchased a licenced copy of Express Rip Plus and was initially pleased with it :D , but there appears to be two fundamental (as far as my use is concerned) flaws with the software. I would be keen to know if these can be confirmed as bugs or if someone can tell me if I'm missing something!!


1) When encoding to MP3, the ID3 tag information for artist, album and track names are not set correctly. All of the information is condensed into the track title attribute.


2) When using a custom filename format of {%a - %b - %n2 - %t}, I would expect to see for example, an output filename as follows: -


Jamie Cullum - Catching Tales - 01 - Get Your Way.mp3


Instead I get a filename as follows:-


Jamie Cullum - Catching Tales - 01. Get Your Way.mp3


This is nearly right, but I didn't tell the custom filter to put a full stop in after the track number!! :angry:


Any response to either of the above issues would be greatly appreciated.

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I have a similar problem that seems to be rather consistent:


With a custom format of "[%a %b]\{%n2 - %t - %a - %b}" I always get too many dashes:


Artist - Album1- - Trackname - Artist - Album.


Is there a mechanism for escaping or removing the dashes? What is the empty space in between the first set of dashes? Can you explain how the dashes and spaces are inserted?



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