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Can anyone help?


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Not sure I'm in the right area here but hopefully someone can offer advice!


I have been using Windows Movie Maker for a few years now. I have created the movies on my PC and then always burned them to a disc using Sony My DVD.

However, I am now encountering a problem. I save my movie to my PC and that works fine -I can view it once it is saved. I open Sonic My DVD and import the movie, put in a disc and press Burn.

It goes through all the transcoding procedures etc and ejects the disc but then, right at the end, I get an error message which states:

Could not complete the last command because: Device Error - Sense Code (5-30-05)- Cannot Write Medium - Incompatible Format - Write (OSErr, 339973).


I've tried burning different movies etc but the same message always comes up. I have never had problems before - discs have always burned fine and played back on my DVD.


I went on a Moviemaker forum and someone suggested I download DVD Flick an try that instead, which I did. This looks a great system so I tried burning a short movie. Everything seemed to be going well until the end when I got the following message:

Error Writing to disc. Source File. Sense Data 053005


This number 05-30-05, which also came up in the Sonic My DVD error message, seems to be the big issue here! Does anyone know what it means and how I can overcome it? Is it a problem with my own PC?


Any help would be gratefully received!

Thank you

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