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IVM Feature? Line Specific Answer OGM

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Can IVM be setup to answer with different OGMs for different sets of lines on the same system? Let's say, for example, that I have a single system running 12 telephone lines and that I want to use 3 lines for product A, 3 for product B, 3 for product C, and 3 for product D. I know I can prompt the caller to press 1 for product A, 2 for product B ... but for usability reasons I do not want to do that as our Product submenus are already deep enough. I'd like the call to go directly to a specific Default Answer OGM for each product. Can IVM do that? Thanks in advance for your replies.

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Yes, I'm pretty sure under telephony settings you can select a specific OGM for each line to answer with (overriding the default OGM).


Note: I haven't used IVM in a loong time, so this functionality may have been changed/removed/moved somewhere else in recent versions.

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