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I'm trialling FlashLynx Basic v1.14, and the choice of sites is limited to 3 only,

In the registered / paid-for (Professional) version, can I paste in a URL like this one -




which is a redirection file to .WMV files that stream as MMS:// aas shown in its content -


<asx version="3">

<title>Lateline - 13-Oct-2009</title>


<copyright>2009, Australian Broadcasting Corporation</copyright>

<moreinfo href="" />

<logo href="http://www.abc.net.au/streaming/img/smalllogo.gif" style="icon" />


<title>US foreign policy analyst discusses Afghan democracy</title>

<startmarker name="01"/>

<endmarker name="02"/>

<ref href="mms://media3.abc.net.au/winlibrary/lateline/200910/r452064_2202778.wmv" />

<ref href="mms://media4.abc.net.au/winlibrary/lateline/200910/r452064_2202778.wmv" />




This is from Australian ABC TV's Lateline program, which streams low-quality video. I'd like to save the .WMV file and look at it offline.


Can FlashLynx Pro (or any other product from NCH) do that, or should I go back to using SDP Multimedia?

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