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videopad detected as virus


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VideoPad - False Positive for Virus, Trojans or Malware




Nod32 detecting a virus in VideoPad is a false positive.




  2. NCH Software makes sure their audio software is free from virus', malware, or trojans before software is released.
  3. Google scans NCH Software's website at least once a week to check for virus', malware, and trojans and they do not detect malware on NCH Software's Website, which includes all of NCH Software's download files.
  4. Below, I included a report from VirusTotal that can check the most popular anitvirus packages at once. No Virus, Malware, or Trojans were found from AVG, Symantec, or McAfee and many others.
  5. VideoPad is listed on all the major software download sites, which thoroughly tests software before listing a product to protect their customers.
  6. VideoPad continues to receive 5 Star Awards and Editor's Picks from popular software sites.




Therefore, I think it is save to conclude you have a false positive virus.




File 3BA29099B03261B9FC122A72C8A61C0087FAEE8D.exe received on 2010.06.20 18:47:41 (UTC)


Antivirus Version Last Update Result


a-squared 2010.06.20 -


AhnLab-V3 2010.06.20.00 2010.06.19 -


AntiVir 2010.06.18 -


Antiy-AVL 2010.06.18 -


Authentium 2010.06.20 -


Avast 4.8.1351.0 2010.06.20 -


Avast5 5.0.332.0 2010.06.20 -


AVG 2010.06.20 -


BitDefender 7.2 2010.06.20 -


CAT-QuickHeal 10.00 2010.06.18 -


ClamAV 2010.06.20 -


Comodo 5163 2010.06.20 -


DrWeb 2010.06.20 -


eSafe 2010.06.20 -


eTrust-Vet 36.1.7650 2010.06.19 -


F-Prot 2010.06.20 -


F-Secure 9.0.15370.0 2010.06.20 -


Fortinet 2010.06.20 -


GData 21 2010.06.20 -


Ikarus T3. 2010.06.20 -


Jiangmin 13.0.900 2010.06.15 -


Kaspersky 2010.06.20 -


McAfee 5.400.0.1158 2010.06.20 -


McAfee-GW-Edition 2010.1 2010.06.20 -


Microsoft 1.5902 2010.06.20 -


NOD32 5212 2010.06.20 -


Norman 6.05.06 2010.06.20 -


nProtect 2010-06-20.02 2010.06.20 -


Panda 2010.06.20 -


PCTools 2010.06.20 -


Prevx 3.0 2010.06.20 -


Rising 2010.06.20 -


Sophos 4.54.0 2010.06.20 -


Sunbelt 6480 2010.06.20 -


Symantec 20101.1.0.89 2010.06.20 -


TheHacker 2010.06.20 -


TrendMicro 2010.06.20 -


TrendMicro-HouseCall 2010.06.20 -


VBA32 2010.06.18 -


ViRobot 2010.6.19.3894 2010.06.19 -


VirusBuster 2010.06.20 -


Additional information


File size: 2817200 bytes


MD5   : 988cdad607598e185d62158a36acffda


SHA1  : 8561d2d5cfde1d3b7a30e4f24e3a00e7ad71f59c


SHA256: c0fa6fa251b05ae8e01dfe719a5a4aff58e758e7c50272c7269432bd3dda034c


PEInfo: PE Structure information<br> <br> ( base data )<br> entrypointaddress.: 0x2021<br> timedatestamp.....: 0x4BE39FBF (Fri May 7 07:06:07 2010)<br> machinetype.......: 0x14C (Intel I386)<br> <br> ( 3 sections )<br> name viradd virsiz rawdsiz ntrpy md5<br> .rdata 0x1000 0x544 0x600 3.97 e3e023213ffb5bec45145e7c2e5a4716<br>.data 0x2000 0x340 0x400 5.13 7b1069b8df7afc37061f0d388e4e3b7a<br>.rsrc 0x3000 0x2ADABC 0x2ADC00 8.00 08daeffa9088dbbc2eaee7e319dee635<br> <br> ( 5 imports )<br> <br>> kernel32.dll: GetStartupInfoW, LoadResource, lstrcpyW, GetExitCodeProcess, FindResourceW, GetModuleHandleW, DeleteFileW, CloseHandle, ExitProcess, GetVersionExA, GetLastError, GetModuleFileNameW, WriteFile, CreateFileW, LockResource, GetTempPathW, WaitForSingleObject, SizeofResource<br>> ole32.dll: CoInitializeEx, CoUninitialize<br>> setupapi.dll: SetupIterateCabinetW<br>> shell32.dll: ShellExecuteW, ShellExecuteExW<br>> user32.dll: wsprintfW, MessageBoxW<br> <br> ( 0 exports )<br>


TrID  : File type identification<br>Win32 Executable Generic (68.0%)<br>Generic Win/DOS Executable (15.9%)<br>DOS Executable Generic (15.9%)<br>Autodesk FLIC Image File (extensions: flc, fli, cel) (0.0%)


ssdeep: 49152:v+nCUISPIPndxjXyvfwHmNlewgnFlnYuP4j9tneZ9mhI:vdUbPIOvfAs8wgnFxYuP4jLeaO


sigcheck: publisher....: NCH Software<br>copyright....: NCH Software<br>product......: n/a<br>description..: VideoPad Video Editor<br>original name: n/a<br>internal name: VideoPad<br>file version.: 2.10_<br>comments.....: n/a<br>signers......: NCH Software<br> Thawte Code Signing CA<br> Thawte Premium Server CA<br>signing date.: 8:24 AM 6/15/2010<br>verified.....: -<br>


PEiD  : -


packers (F-Prot): CAB


RDS   : NSRL Reference Data Set<br>-



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VideoPad is a Virus Malware and Trojan Free Program


As a follow up, on Monday July 12th, Virus Total reported a 6/42 for the VideoPad Video Editing Software download file. A-Squared, VBA32, Ikarus, Kaspersky, and 2 from McAfee calling out some form of a Trojan Win32 or in McAfee's case,


"McAfee Artemis Technology is the first always-on, real-time protection that secures enterprises and consumers from threats as they strike. Its comprehensive Global Threat Intelligence blocks malware, stops data theft, and prevents damage to your systems before virus signature updates are even available."


I submitted false positive reports to Ikarus, VBA32 and McAfee. I did not submit one to A-Squared because their false positive looked like it came from the Ikarus database and Kaspersky is the Virus Total report. After they checked the VideoPad software more thoroughly, I received a positive response they would remove the false positive from their database. The next day our Virus Total report for VideoPad was 0/42. It looks to me that these Anti-Virus companies are sharing each others databases.

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Hi, please read the post from GBW above. There is no virus in VideoPad. These are the types of false positives that all software publishers have to constantly deal with regarding the antivirus companies virus checking protocols. The false positives have been reported and hopefully have been removed by now. DJ

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