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At the NCH site, the following data is displayed:


"PrismPlus Video Converter:


Convert a range of video file formats

Supported File Formats:


{I eliminated showing the others)


However, in the "versions" section of NCH software site, Prism 1.27

(non-plus) is listed as the latest version, which I have. The H.264

codec is not itself listed anywhere in the versions history for

windows PC's.



Does the Free Prism support H.264??



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Thanks for the reply.


I have installed at least two sets of codecs:


1) K-LITE Pack (Version 5.0.2)

2) Windows Essential Codec Pack [Version 2.3d (7-09)]


The reason I asked about the H.264 codec is that I'm also

using a "Plug-In" software for my Adobe Premier Elements version

4 (APE-4) which easily handles (loads)a FLV file for editing if

it has the H.263 codec, but NOT if the FLV has an H.264 codec.


For that (H.264)codec FLV file, I have to first use something

like Prism to convert the FLV to an AVI file and then load it

into APE-4 for editing.

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