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Net Profit appears incorrect


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With all my purchases I make from my wholesalers I add them into EA and then when I invoice out my clients and receive payments I tell EI to update EA all the time.


After going through many of my invoices manually I have discovered that the net profit indicated in EA is way way out, in fact it appears to be out by at least $2000.00


When I enter a purchase into it I am always careful I do it correct (or at least whet I think is correct). I have all my suppliers set up as an expense account and when I get an invoice from them it get placed against their name and it is told to take the money from my account I have setup in it.


When I invoice a client I accept eht payment and always tick to update express accounts and then make sure I select the same account that my purchase has come out of so it keeps all in balance or at least I think it does but looking at the net profit and the sales I have done this year there is no way I have the profit it reports.


Can someone give me some guidence on setting up EA so I can double check I have it correct.



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