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"Incorrect Timestamps" message

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First post.......


I just converted a DVD to .wmv, and got this message in the "Other Information" column after the converson ended:

"Warning: Incorrect timestamps found in the source file. It is recommended to specify the framerate manually for this file"

There's a very obvious audio/video synch problem with the output file.

Couldn't find anything in Help/FAQ for 'manual framerate' or 'incorrect timestamps.'

I could use some help finding where to look for info on how to "manually specify framerate...."


Vince G.

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I used to get problems with WMVs created from MJPEG MOVs by Super© and needed to let a utility called "WMV indexer" sort the clips out. It works its magic on each clip very quickly and then Windows Movie Maker had no further problems with them.


If it's the same sort of thing, try http://www.artech365.com/winvdr/down.htm and look for "Download the TOOL WMVINDEXER(FREE) to reindex a WMV file(Enable Fast Forward or Rewind)"


The other solution is... don't use WMV! :D

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