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Bug : text titles font size


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The most annoying shortcoming of VideoPad at the moment (the only one I can think of, to be honest!) is that with some titles I get the same size results no matter what size I change the font to! And once in a while it looks one particular size in the timeline preview but when I create my movie the final result is a different size text completely!


I hope it can be fixed.... has anyone else noticed this and found a way to force it to behave itself? :blink:

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While I'm whingin' about titles.... three suggestions/pleadings :


1) allow a cr/lf in the text field so that multi-line titles can be done?


2) how about a checkbox for "Auto-size" which would select the right size so that a title would cover about 90% of the frame width? (so long as the title is 10 chars or more otherwise it would be silly huge... and likewise down to minimum font size too. And put an explanation in a tooltip when anyone hovers the mouse over it!)


3) can it PLEASE remember the last font details used and default to them for new titles? Most people will stick with one font if they've got any sense for consistency, and it's SUCH a chore to select the same font time and time and time and time again!!


Cheers B)

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I am glad i found your post about this as I thought I was doing something wrong. I also tried to import a JPG image with my text on it and even that does not display propery - it is again very small and comes through like pixelated text, instead of smooth text. It would be good if this bug was fixed.


The other annoying thing is that I cannot force text to go on to the next line. I have had to divide my text into 3 separate text configurations and fade them in and out.

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