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What makes makes a post here more/less likely to get a reply?

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This is a software forum, which by definition is a place for users to help each other. If you want technical support from NCH, the best way to get it is to purchase it. They provide a lot of free or low-cost software and it would take several full-time staff to monitor these forums, research every question and provide an appropriate solution. That is what the technical support is for.


If you are not getting answers here, it is most likely because there is not another user reading the forum who has an answer to the question. NCH is very clear that they are only occasionally able to answer questions in the forums and usually only questions which will benefit all users of the software and are not specific to the poster.


By the way, I do not work for NCH, just use several of their programs. I work both on PCs and Mac and it is very cool to have a company that provides a lot of their software in both versions.


Jeanie B.

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