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Changing From Stereo to Mono


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Several of you suggested that the video I was trying to produce might have recorded in STEREO. AND it did! I don't need stereo for YouTube. In the past when I used this software I think it was mono automatically.


So I want only mono. I looked to see how that could be accomplished and could not find the changing from stereo to mono.


Could one of you share how this 63 year young NON-techie can do that with the new software?




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YouTube does support stereo, so it's worth keeping if your clips have a stereo soundtrack.

Sound is a smaller component of the final bitstream than the video, by far, so I wouldn't worry unduly about it. Video is typically in the 1000s of kbits/second, whereas stereo audio can be carried along the internet wires happily with just 200 or so. It's not worth skimping on.

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