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RELEASE: Express Delegate v 4.04 for Windows

Damian Lettie

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Changes in Express Delegate v 4.04 for Windows:


  • Added: "Edit User" page now allows managers to change other users' passwords.
  • Fixed: Warning dialogs about expired trial period no longer repeat indefinitely.
  • Fixed: Priority column of dictation list page now sorts semantically instead of alphabetically.
  • Fixed: Data in some web page fields wasn't properly HTML encoded.
  • Fixed: Help button in Options -> File Types wasn't launching help.
  • Fixed: Exit confirmation dialog position was incorrect if Exit was selected from the notification icon menu while the application was minimised.
  • Changed: Server now enters "maintenance mode" while changes are being made to database options. (Clients see a maintenance message instead of 404 error).
  • Changed: Now using standard NCH Software "Web Access" Options tab for starting / stopping web server and running public IP address test.
  • Changed: Options -> Startup -> Auto-run settings now work (using UAC elevation) when running as non-administrator on Windows Vista.
  • Changed: Error messages during the auto-import source FTP connection test are now more concise and easier to understand.
  • Changed: Better validation of deadline date & time on the Create and Edit Dictation web pages.
  • Changed: DVS file decoder now reads files in LP mode and updated SP mode.

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