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Express Accounts data files


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I need to find where the data files for Express Accounts are saved. I have tried looking in the USERS directory of Vista, but i couldnt find it. Please help me with this. I need to use my syncing software to develop a regular backup protocol for Express Accounts. It will work by regularly copying all those data files to a separate directory. The in built backup feature does not have any scheduling options. Also, if i can find and copy those data files as they are, will i be able to restore them are a later point?

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If you're still looking, try here:


ProgramData > NCH Software > ExpressAccounts


Items are in the Items folder

Invoices in Invoices folder

etc. etc.


You may need to change your Folder Viewing Options to 'Show hidden files, folders, and drives

in order to be able to see the ProgramData folder.

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