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Mac OS X not playing sound files - requires codec

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I am currently trying to play a .dct file on my newly downloaded ExpressScribe application on my Mac OS X system. The program won't load the file and won't play. I have tried to convert the file to mp3 but this doesn't seem to work either.


An error message flashes up every time I try to load the audio file saying that my system may require an audio compression codec, but I do not know which codec I need to install or where to get it from.


Can anyone or NCH please let me know where to find this codec to play audio files, particularly .dct files? I would really appreciate any assistance ASAP as I need to start working with this program.


I have read a previous topic on this subject but the solution given does not assist me and the answers date back from 2007. I wonder if anything new has come up since then to resolve this problem?


Thank you

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