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I am using Broadwave to broadcast LIVE radio from my laptop.


I have posted a link onto my website, and the link is working from my laptop and my friend's who is sat next to me.


However, no-one else in the country is capable of loading the stream.


They click the link and it simply freezes and doesn't do anything.


Could anyone help please?


Thank you.

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We're using a mobile USB internet stick.




For external listeners, you will need to put your external (public) IP address into the link they use. Use the website www.ipaddy.com to find it out.


With a USB stick, I think you'll get a different ip address every time you reconnect, so you'll need to let the listening clients know the new address every time, unless you are using dyndns or similar.


If you've already done all that, then it's possible that either the port number you are using is blocked somewhere, or there's simply not enough bandwidth and the second and subsequent clients are just buffering and haven't got enough buffer to play.

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