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Bill Of Materials?

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Hi there.


Just downloaded the software, and absolutely love it. Though I am more technically based, some of the other workers here are not, and the straightfoward GUI is perfect!

If there was some way to build in a bill of materials system, or allow for items to contain subcomponents, and thus when sold or transferred those subcomponents are transferred with it, this would be an absolutely perfect system. Any hope for that in the future??

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I use the BOM check box, and add items in, but need to print off a "PICK LIST" for the guys to put the BOM physically together. Also having migrated the software to our server, BOMs are behaving very strangely, items vanishing, or defaulting to the first item in the items list.

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Sorry - I know this is an old string, but is there a limit to the number of items you can add to the BOM dialogue? I have approx 35 items in one particular BOM but it only seems to save up to item 25. Without this, Inventoria is pretty useless to us, but I'm sure there must be a workaround?

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Hi there. Is it there any maximum number of itens that you can use on a B.O.M? Every time that I add a quite long BOM to an item and press SAVE the location and the quantity of that item just disappears and it doesn't allow me to change it. I need to remove the BOM save the item and them add the location and the quantity. When I select again "use Bill of Materials" it doesn't give me any list of itens!! this its getting frustrating ! Can anyone help? Really needing to finish the inventory and this isn't helping at all.


Inventoria version: 3.62

Mac OS X 10.9.5

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