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Registration code enquiry

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Sorry to ask this here, but I've just spent 22 minutes chasing my tail around the faqs and support options.


I've purchased Prism, Express Rip, and Express Dictate some months ago.


However, although I made backup copies of all my registration details for each product, a recent catastrophic multi-drive RAID failure has resulted in the loss of everything, including all my registration keys, login details, and more.


Since the only way to ask a support question is to either purchase support (which I don't think I should need to do), or to provide the serial number of the registered product (see previous paragraph) from the email, I don't have any other options.


Feel free to PM me and we can arrange to discuss the transfer of the licences outside this forum. Please note, I paid with Paypal, so I still have Paypal registration and purchase histories for all these products, but that's the only data I do have.





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