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Too much delay

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I have set up Broadcam on my PC and opened the URL on a browser on the same machine. The audio/video has high lag - almost 4 secs.


Is there a way this lag can be reduced to about a sec or less? I don't mind dropping the video quality to achieve that.


Thanks in advance,


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Everybody, the solution is to use the http://localhost:86/broadcamjpg.html?src=1&speed=1 for real-time video chat (low quality), whereas http://localhost:86/broadcamauto.html?src=1&speed=1 gives you a better video but a considerable delay, unsuitable for live two-way communication.


Out of all the Intranet video chat softwares I tried today (about 8-10 top ones from Google search), Broadcam is the best and easiest from installation to get operational - and actually worked. Hats off to the guys who have developed this,


Thanks to all who have viewed my question and may have attempted a solution,


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