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Accounts data on Local network


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I have a local network with 5 PC's and we all want to use Express accounts with a shared database. We have some shared folders I have installed the software into on of the folders. That we we all can open it, but if somebody does a entry the data is saved on his own harddisc in Documents and Setting\All Users\Applications\NCH Software\Express Accounts\ which is not accessable by the other users of the network.


I have tried the web access option but somehow it also does not work.


Please help. Maybe I can set the path where the data should be stored at. that would be perfect.7


Thanks in advance,



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Guest nchmw

At the moment it is not possible to set the path for where the data is saved.


Can you explain more why the web version is not working for you because how you want to use Express Accounts is why we have the web version.

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