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i am having a confusing problem. when you hit "item" when in the item catagory page.

it should sort from lowest to highest part #. but the #s come out in random order.

IE: it should sort 001, 002, 003 and so on. but it randomly lists part #s, 002,001,003.

how can i get it to list the part #s in thier numeric order ?

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What version of Inventoria are you using?


Is the item name just 001, 002 etc or is there other text as well?


version 2.11

we tried 100-001, 100-002, etc,,, also including up to 900-003, 900-500.

basically a specific prefix, with a non specific suffix. the list scrambles in no order.


so we tried eliminating the hyphen... thinking that was the problem.

100001, 100002 etc up to 900500 , thinking they would assend numerically.

but they dont break into a real order... seems random.

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Guest nchmw

Try downloading the latest version which is 2.12. I entered your item descriptions and it sorts ok, we did fix up a few small bugs with the 2.12 release and it also includes a basic search function now as well.

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We are using 2.12 and in web control we have the same problem, when we try to sort them by item number it makes it random:


9337300 Resistencia 270K SMD 1206 5%

1426661 Pushbutton Switch SPDT

1377092 Array Resistencias 4.7K 4x1206

1377083 Array Resistencias 220 Ohm. 4x1206

9337342 Resistencia 33K 1206

9336613 Resistencia 510 Ohm. 1206


This is "sorted" by Item link, completely randomized... we haven´t this problem in installed software, only in web control feature...

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