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Axon for Linux - unstable BETA only???


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I'm new around here, hi :)


I purchased Axon for Linux (Business version) recently and it seems it's completely unstable. The only version I can download from nch and other mirrors:


> is v1.3 Beta,

> cannot be activated,

> has problems with synchronizing interface / settings on disk

> seems quite a bit older than the win32 version

> has a dodgy init script (now resolved)


I can't activate it?! There's nothing anywhere in the application that lets me do that.. spent aaages trying to work it all out and there's no information anywhere to support the linux versions unless I'm prepared to activate, but I can't!!!! (as if anyone would activate on the website for a Beta when there's no refunds after activation).


What's going on? Has anyone else had the same issue? Any help on this really would be very much appreciated.


Thanks guys, J

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The support for Linux at the moment is very very limited as far as I know. I would honestly say it is more of an alpha release than a beta, far less a final release.


I don't know what to suggest to you, but in my personal opinion the Linux version is not ready for a primetime release yet, there are still a lot of kinks that need to be worked out.

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Hi python poole,


Thanks for your response. It's definitely a bit of a worry and i'm not sure it's reasonable to be pushing the linux version on the NCH site when it's clearly not ready for production. At the very least a clear warning about it's current status would have saved me a lot of time, I'm not very happy about that. Short of hearing back from NCH re a full production ready and tested version, I'll be organising a refund today. I should add that IVM for Linux doesn't even uninstall.


A note to *nux users, in lieu of a working and properly tested Axon, I compiled and deployed Asterisk on Centos 5.2 (RHEL) in half a day yesterday and it seems to be working very well, it's early days but I'll post a follow up to let you know my thoughts. It'll be soon as I'm already quite overdue for delivering a final/working solution.


Cheers, J

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Well I hope everything works out for you.


Unfortunately this happens quite often for many of the telephony apps. I have personally recommended to NCH several times that they set-up a proper private and public beta testing program and have the software tested thoroughly before it becomes a final release, but I don't believe such a program has ever been implemented.

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Our apologies for any frustrations this has caused you. Please PM me if you have any issues at all with a refund.


As explanation, Axon and IVM Linux are only currently in development for a mini-appliance application that we hope to release in the near future.


We are no longer actively developing Linux applications outside of the above mentioned project. I have requested that our team remove the links to the Linux versions of those products.


Again, apologies, and please see my PM for additional information that may help you out.



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