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Broadwave on linux, success with a different approach

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Further to the earlier post about getting Broadwave running on linux, I thought I would write up some experiments I've been carrying out.


The problems in the previous post related to getting the native version running, however, I took a different approach, and used a Windows emulator, "Wine". Strictly speaking, Wine isn't an emulator, it just provides a set of Windows APIs allowing Windows .EXE files to run in linux. See www.winehq.org for details.


My environment is:


Ubuntu linux, version 9.04

Wine, version 1.1.24

Broadwave, version 1.02 for Windows


Having used Broadwave on Windows for a year or so, I was comfortable with the configuration of Broadwave. Here's what I did:


Wine was already installed. I browsed to the installation exe file, double-clicked, and the usual installation proceeded successfully.


After installing, Broadwave started as expected.


I started an audio source and tried to connect from a remote PC. I discovered that the default port had not been set to the port number I was expecting, and so I looked at the Options / General tab, and saw the port which had been defined. I connected successfully.


As usual, Windows media player on the remote PC connected using http:// ip:port/broadwave.asx?src=1&kbps whereas Winamp doesn't like the ASX, so I used http:// ip:port/broadwave.mp3 and that worked as expected.


I now tried to change the port, but for some strange reason, I could not connect on the changed port number. On inspecting Options, I found that the old port number was still there. It seems there's an issue with this, so I took the following steps.


I closed and exited Broadwave.


I then used the Wine version of regedit to edit the Windows registry on the ubuntu PC. I navigated to:

HKLM\Software\NCH Swift Sound\Broadwave\WebServer and changed the value in the registry key Port. That worked, and I can now use my favourite port number.


I've only gone as far as live streaming, as that's all I use broadwave for, but it looks promising overall.

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