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I got this modem specifically because it was recommended by NCH and it had 64-bit drivers. However, when I install it, I have had nothing but problems. After looking at the forms I found this on my modem:




I take this to mean that my modem is NOT a voice modem?


I bought the modem on Amazon. It says it is voice. How can I get a VOICE modem? I have been working on this for a month. Why is it so hard to find a voice modem to work with NCH software?


Please help!!!


- Roger

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There are two versions of that same model number modem. They are:


MT5634ZPX-PCI-U : This is the one you want.




MT5634ZPX-PCI-U-NV : The NV stands for NO VOICE. You probably accidentally bought this one.


I saw your review on Amazon so I think you already realized this. Hopefully this post will help others.


I am just about to purchase the modem or possibly the new PCI-E version of it. May I ask you if you replaced the NV one? If so, how is the new voice one working for you?

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