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Aastra 480i Compatibility

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I was wondering if anyone had used the Axon PBX system with an Aastra 480i IP phone.


We are tying the trial version of Axon PBX (2.04) and have successfully set-up an X-Lite softphone with this system, but are unsuccessful at getting an Aastra 480i to register.


The phone has been configured with a static IP and I have used the settings in the "Setup Instructions for Extention 101" section of the Axon installation.


No matter what I try the phone just sit's with the "No Service" message and Axon does not feature any messages from it in the Axon Virtual PBX Plus monitor window.


I have tried upgrading the firmware and resetting the configuration settings. I am also aware that this message is most commonly evident when an incorrect username/password or incorrect registration server address has been used.


I wondered if this phone needed a specific configuration file applied in order to connect?


We are new to this technology so any help you might be able to give would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for your help.





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It doesn't sound like the phone is communicating at all with the Axon server. Axon should report any major communications in the log, for example if the phone tried to register without the proper username/password etc.


Are you sure you have correctly set-up the 480i to contact the Axon server? Try using the IP address if it's not working using the Axon PC's hostname. Is there some kind of internal firewall that could be blocking communications between the phone and the Axon computer? Was x-lite on the same PC as Axon, or a different PC?

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