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I have an invoice in Express invoices, when i click on Payment - I wish to record a cash payment which has then been input into our account on Express accounts


I enter the information and then have to add an account part when recording a receipt and deposit.


When I then look in the journal it shows as two duplicate lines, one being CR of the amount and one being DR of the amount - so it doesn't record


Does anyone know why this happens, or how i should record the above?



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To further the above post,


Here are the steps I take.


Open Invoice List in Express Invoice

Then select an invoice for £10 and click Payment

Fill in the payment form, ie £10 and the value cash. with Update Express Accounts ticked, then click Record.


This then brings up the Receipts and Desposits box

Within the top section, for transaction details this has the main account I would like to enter this into and £10.

At the bottom, it shows "Amount not ye applied to an acocun (out of balance (£10) ???????

My only way around this is to click on Add, and then add the main account again - with £10 CR


I then click on save. When I look in the journal this shows two entries, one for £10 DR and one for £10 CR??? Surely I am not doing something right, or the system is doing something wrong.


All I want to do, is record someone has paid the £10 in cash which is paid into the account, and therefore the balance should increase by £10... ???


Any help, Thanks

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i'll TRY to explain some of this...


(i setup the thing same way initially)


you have to have an INCOME account, and a bank account. when i do a recievable, you are adding it to your bank account, VIA your income account... so you would see a dble post.... however, you might have set your income account incorrectly, so its minusing your addition... :) yup, thats possible!


if your just starting...to fix, start with the Preset ones, and just del the ones you KNOW you dont need....


Trace the way an incoming payment is made, same with a payout...which accounts it uses etc. your balance goes up when it does this and that, etc. yes this is a horrid answer.... but this way YOU get to know what is going on, and you can set your accounts up on your own correctly.


Hope this didnt make it worse for ya... not always easy to explain some things!! hehe



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I have the same issue (i think) happening!

all the expenses I enter are showing up DOZENS of times. I've tried to delete teh extras, but they won't delete! does anyone have some tips to fix this? i like the program so far, so i'd like to stick with it and not had to switch. just downloaded today, and input 3 months worth of things i purchased for store and orders i've sold- so i have quite a bit of info in it already.


I'd love any help i can get with this! :)

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