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Error 603 Declined


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Hi. Axon (free edition) has (past tense) been working fine with my 5 extn network - 2 connected by VPN remotely.


1. Getting Error 603 Declined for the past 2 days.... Now cannot get an outside line. Validated that its not a sip account issue as enabled a couple of phones (SPA941) to be on Axon and also have a seperate direct line login to the external sip account.


Acccording to Asterisk sites this means the call out is being rejected....


2. Inbound calls a bit intermittent - can't see anything e.g. errors


Only change has been some virus software (Kaspersky) however neither systems seem to trigger anything in the way of errors or events.....



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Axon Virtual PBx Software is Virus Trojan and Malware Free

From a technical troubleshooting standpoint, I would always look at the last change made first. When I get responses for false positives from Virus Total, they come from an employee of Kaspersky. Checking the Virus Total 42 Anti-Virus databases, non of them report a virus, trojan, malware or any other issue with Axon.

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If you can dial using a SIP phone directly logged onto the account then the problem must be that Axon is dialing a different number to the one you actually dial. The problem is most likely in the call plan.


An example might be where you have allocated dial (9) to use the line but failed to strip the first digit, so you dial (9) (1234) (56789) and the actual number sent to your provider is 9123456789 which is not recognized and rejected.


If you change the plan to strip the digit you will dial (9) (1234) (56789) but your service provider will receive 123456789 and the call will go through.


I would double check your call plan.

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