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How to exit program (turn off) without confirmation


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Hi guys,


I am new to Eyeline, but so far I am impressed at both the quality and generosity of NCH. Now, I am trying to set up a very basic 4 channel CCTV surveillance system. However, I do not want the confirmation exit message to appear when the user tries to close the program (it reads, 'Do you want Eyeline to continue recording in the background?'). Ideally, I want it to be configured so that when the user presses the close button, it completely exits the program. Is there any way to configure this?


I look forward to any replies. Many thanks,


Mr. Romano

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I've requested this type of functionality. I recommend they enable CLI commands like:


- eyeline /q = quit with confirmation request

- eyeline /x = exit without confirmation request

- eyeline /m = start with motion detection enabled

- eyeline /r = start and enter record mode

- eyeline /s = enable sound recording on/off

- eyeline /? = list of available CLI commands


Any other requests?


Ideally there should also be a configuration tab with these type of features enableable by check boxes.

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