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Playback problem

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Don't know what the problem is but when I listen to my station locally and normal it only plays a 20sec clip of the stream instead of streaming it! i've run into this problem a few other times but somehow it got fixed by itself, but now its back and won't stop!



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Hello, can you give us more detail?


Is this a live stream or an MP3 file?


Do you get the same clip each time? Is it the first 20 sec every time you play?


Are you connecting from a LAN or internet location? What bit rate?

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Does the client player give any indication of what the problem might be? For example, it might show "buffering...", which would indicate that the data rate is too slow.


Does the display on Broadwave show that you are reconnecting? Does it show whether you are still streaming audio, or just silence?


The starting point would be to work out whether Broadwave is streaming continuously, but only 20s of audio and the rest of silence; or on the other hand, the stream is ok, but the data rate is too low for the connection.


Another possibility is that the pc is too busy to encode in real time. Use Task Manager to check the cpu usage.

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