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Express Scribe and GoToMyPc or LofMeIn

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Hi! I need to be able to log into my office PC (Vista PC) running both Logmein Pro and GoToMyPc. I can hear the wav or aif or dss file from my home PC BUT the foot pedal does not work on the remote site when I press the foot pedal locally on my home PC. Express Scribe works fine on my home PC using it locally. Is there any fix????


Bill Leininger

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Bill, I use LogMeIn. I drag the audio file from my office PC to my home PC and transcribe it with Express Scribe on my local computer. Then I drag the transcript back into my office network folders. I've never tried to control Express Scribe through LogMeIn because it is much slower that way, so I just drag the audio file to my local machine. Hope that helps.



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