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Live stream and recorded segments

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Hi all,


Most posts seem to be about installing and set up. For me that was easy.


My question is:

How do I add a recorded intro, segment or "commercial" into a live stream?

My input device is a microphone, but I don't know how to add a recorded "theme song" to the beginning.

I could record the whole show and use wavepad or mixpad to create a show, and then play the whole program but I really want to be live.


Basically, how do I add a second input device like my DVD drive?


Thanks for the help!

aubrey j

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Hi Aubrey


I don't think you can do this with Broadwave on its own - though others might correct me if I'm wrong.


I suggest you use a radio automation program to generate the audio, and use Broadwave to stream it.


For example, if you used the program ZaraRadio, you could schedule events such as pre-recorded mp3s or wavs and also switch to a "line in" or mic input. This is termed the "satellite input" in Zara, because most stations use it to feed in a satellite-distributed news bulletin, but it can switch any live input.

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