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implicit TLS/SSL

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Dear ClassicFTPers:


I'm trying to connect to an ftp site that specifies the use of "implicit TLS/SSL on port 990". I see from the NHC software website that a port can be specified with a colon after the i.p. address, but I see nothing about "implicit TLS/SSL". Presumably it's different from explicit SSL, so I have that un-checked. But I still can't manage to connect to the ftp server.


Any help anyone can give with this would be most appreciated.




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I was partially able to get it to work using an external ISP IP address to connect to my NAS within my network using FTP with SSL/TLS Explicit host type Active instead of Auto.


However that only works from within my local network. I am still having problem accessing it it from other locations.


Any fix on this from Qnap guys?


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