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SMS Auto Reply


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sorry to off the topic,


Would like to ask any of you know any programme for SMS answering machine?


What I need is simple, for all incoming SMS, would reply with a message (this would be very easy) & for specified sequence of incoming SMS, say 10th, would send different SMS.


for example.


the first 9 incoming SMS, would reply an SMS of try tomorrow

the 10th incoming SMS, would reply with an SMS of win


either PC or windows mobile application is ok.


Thanks in advance.

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This probably isn't the best place for your question. NCH doesn't really get into the SMS stuff.


There are several "SMS Gateway" services out there that allow you to interface your software for receiving and sending SMS text messages. They usually charge either a flat monthly rate or on a per SMS basis. It does require a fair amount of work on your end however as most gateway services to not offer built-in features to set-up complex rules for auto-replies like that. I'm sure there is proprietary software you can buy to do that, but no doubt it will cost quite a bit.

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