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I think you need to make a "home" based version that works with SIP phones directly to SKYPE without Uplink Plugin to AXON.


It should be a out of the box stand alone SIP to SKYPE interface, simple and straight forward. Personally I think it would sell well since everyone is looking for alternatives.


The problem I find with SKYPE is the need to have a computer next to the phone you use for SKYPE. Not everyone wants a WIFI phone due to issues related to brain cancer. There are a number of people who prefer "wired" phone lines and these Voip ethernet phones satisfy the need, but there is no server to SIP to SKYPE that I am aware of.


The problem I am facing at this time is the inability for Uplink to connect to SKYPE, I am still struggling with AXON/Uplink and SKYPE. I will give it another try this weekend and if I still have to progress then I'll have to abandon NCH all together. Good luck, I love most of the software you make but Uplink seems to be a lemon so far.

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