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I realize that this probably isn't where I should be asking this, but I could not find ANY other place to post this ?. I just got a Lanier p-140 transcribing machine with regular headphones. The problem is, though, that I can barely hear the tapes that I need to transcribe! Can anyone please help me with this? Thanks so much!

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if you can hook up the machine to the sound card on your computer, use our wavepad product to record the audio. Wavepad has a feature called "automatic gain control" which automatically changes the volume level of the audio to an audible volume.


get wavepad here:




hit the record button to start the recording. The AGC feature is found in the Effects menu.


save the file as an mp3 on your computer (File menu -> save as)


after that is done, use our Express Scribe transcription software to play the resulting audio file.



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