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Uplink , and one Way, No audio with Hamachi

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I have determined absolutely that no matter what I do, uplinj seems to send the Hamachi Network Address Adapter address to my asterisk whenever Hamachi is Active. I imagine in many cases this nmay also occur with multiple NICs installed. IN my case there is one physical NIC, one Hamachi Virtual NIC , and one Virtual LAN v(ia Virtualbox)


I have tried various options and a "sip show peer XXX" in Asterisk shows that Hamachi Network adapter address. This means my asterisk is trying to send to a hamachi IP and not a real IP. I suppose I could install hamachi on my asterisk, but that would be a work around., and may be unrealistic for many users.


In fact I am trying to use a private LAN IP from the machine running Uplink to the asterisk box. I have tries also with the routeable public IP and the result is the same.


I tried this about 1 year ahgo on my desktop computer and identified the Hamachi incompatibility so I think it is decisively the problem



I really would like to know how many of these one way or no audiodio posts are by users that are using hamachi.

, and to know if anyone has found a solution to this. .


I think this is a major error for NCH to make especially given there is a field to fill in for a fixed IP that seems to not do the job.any users may find this bug only after paying to register and it is not right.

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