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sip uri incoming calls


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Is it possible to configure incoming sip uri calls (without registration) in Axon? Like sip:101@mydomain.com? If yes, how to configure?






Got a chance to re-evaluate axon after 2 years, and ended with same question! No improvement on this product in last 24 months!



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Assuming you are using a normal internet connection (Dynamic IP) you need a domain name. The easiest way is register with someone like No-Ip.com or Dyndns.org.


Once you are registered, let’s say with the name (axon.dyndns.org) now pointing to your current public IP you need to set up an external line. Give it a name (anything will do) then an ID Lets say (1000) and a password for safety.


Set the line to ring the extension you want the calls to go let’s say (100) then tick the “Other device will contact us”.

Now when a caller contacts 1000@axon.dyndns.org extension 100 will ring and can take the call.


Don’t for get to forwards Ports 5060 and 8000-8499 from your router to the server private IP if you are behind a router.

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