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Mac ClassicFTP Slow


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Installed Mac ClassicFTP.

Configured FTP servers for websites.

BUT, it takes forever to connect to the server,

AND when I upload even 1 file, it seems it takes forever

to upload and then the software sits there until a verification

line comes up saying transfer was successful. If a 1K file takes

1-2 minutes to upload until the program releases it self to take

the next action...well...there seems to be a problem. Just to

test the servers, I went to another computer, used another FTP

program, and uploaded a 200k test file and it took less than

15 seconds. So it is NOT the servers. Is there a setting(s) in

either ClassicFTP or in the MacOSX software that needs changing?

If not, and this is how it is going to perform, then I need to move on

to something else.

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