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TAXES, how do i set my tax rates


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I am from the netherlands, and we have a tax rate of 19 percent.

But how can i:

1. make a line called taxes in the anual report/balance

2. set the tax rate to 19 percent?


Hoping anyone can help.



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Guest nchmw

When you add a receipt where the 19% tax applies you would do the following:


- Click on "Receipt related transaction"

- In the transaction details you would enter the total amount (say $119)

- In the account allocation you would add two lines:

- Line 1 would be something like general sales $100 (assuming the income was from sales)

- Line 2 would be the tax liability and be $19


When you run the report the taxes you paid would be listed separately. You can create/label your own tax liability using through "Options" --> "Accounts".


The answer is that you would do it manually as you add each receipt and split the income between a tax liability account and the source of the income.

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