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How do I open my legitimately purchased product?


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I bought a copy of Twelve Keys and used it for a while. I've just tried to open it and got a msg saying the 'trial version' (?)had expired and did I want to 'purchase'. This was annoying enough but when I re-entered my legitimate activation key I was told it was no good for this version! So I go looking on the site for support and can only find FAQ type support in which this eventuality is not covered and there seems to be no email address for further queries. This forum seems to be my only avenue for advice. Has anyone else had this problem? How do I get round it?


This is not the first time an NCH product has given a msg saying it was a 'trial version' after I'd bought it.


Advice on this type of query should be free and available from NCH, it is not a technical support question.

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Guest nchaj

I suggest reading your emails with your codes in it, it explains how to contact support for registration issues, there is no charge for general support in any case, only priority support

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