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Why descriminate against PayPal users?

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I just tried to purchase Sound Tap online and saw that NCH accepted PayPal. I then read that if the buyer uses PayPal to purchase software, they are charged full price.




Just because I don't want to use a credit card I have to take it in the shorts?


This is crap from the word go!


I was all set to buy it and see that PayPal users are not eligible for discounts.....WHY? Fees? OK, fine but charging 100% on an item you are willing to sell anyone for 50% as long as they use a credit card? That's what I call crap!!!!!!!!!


Any thoughts?

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We prefer credit card, its lower maintenance and lower fees. We do this to encourage people to use credit card.


If that's your reason, why bother to offer the option?



But hey, that's fine. I am a 43 year old man with credit out the yazoo and I don't own one credit card.


And..... I guess you lose a sale.

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Because some people wanted it.

As I said we encourage people to use credit card by offering them discounts to do so.


I would imagine most of those people who wanted it didn't want to take it in the shorts :blink: to be able to use it. :o


But like I said, that's fine...keep your software....

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I know it is longtime from this... but hey, why the hell some people insist on using Paypal?


Paypal shouldn't exist to start with.

- If you care about your privacy, you better stay away from Paypal. Paypal is the worst thing that may happen to your privacy.

- If you care about security, your bank should help you here with that. In my country (not developed one), most banks offer prepaid virtual cards for online payments. These can be associated to your account so that you can easily manage how much money you want in the card, or can be anonymous.


Blame your bank for not offering a solution for online payments... or blame the website for not offering voucher payments (ukash and the like), but you cannot blame someone for not using Paypal, because Paypal is crap!

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I too used PayPal for many years until they began witholding funds from my account for illegitimate reasons. I tried repeatedly to get a reasonable response from their customer service department. They were completely unhelpful to the point that they wouldn't even explain why they were withholding funds. It took weeks to get my funds back, funds that left me virually destitute. After this incident I researched their reputation on the Internet and found numerous complaints. I cancelled my PayPal account several years ago and refuse to have anything to do with them. I know from personal experience that they are not trustworthy. Check out their reputation on the Internet. Even if they've cleaned up their act in the last couple of years, do you really want to trust an organization with a bad reputation to handle your funds? By the way, the US legislature's removal of countless safeguards that protected our money supply going back to the Great Depression has left the US financial system in a disreputable state. Do some research into how the financial sector ripped off the American public for billions (trillions?) of dollars in the stock bubble crash of 2008. Our money is not safe with many of these hooligans until we get the legislature to reenact legal safeguards that worked to protect the money supply for decades after the Great Depression. PayPal is sadly the tip of the iceberg. I support any organization that treats PayPal with the distrust it deserves.

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