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Guest N.C.H a.n
Nokia E71 - Symbian OS v9.2 - Java MIDP 2.0

Nokia browser - JavaScript version 1.3 and 1.5


Millions of users of these business phones could use webdictate to dictate directly to their offices via 3G or GPRS connections. Any plans to have this working soon.



We tested web dictate yesterday with an iphone, it worked up to the point where you needed to record the dictation.

eg: you could log into the web control panel using the ip address of the computer. computer name didn't work. so we had to use something like


When it comes to recording the dictation, the computer (device) that is going to make the recording, needs java installed. (it needs to be the Java Runtime Environment).


The iphone didn't have jre installed, and therefor couldn't record the dictation. a quick google turned up something about unlocked iphones can have jre installed, but locked ones can't. *shruggs shoulders*. I'm not sure how true that is though as i didn't persue any further testing after that.


I've yet to try a nokia phone, but as i said, JRE seems to be the main limiting factor here. :(



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Guest N.C.H a.n

Given the new iphone, will you be releasing an iphone version soon?

If you do a search for pocket dictate on the apple app store, you should find pocket dictate available for the iphone.



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