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The use of the Magic Jack telephony system with NCH telephony software


Hi Forum Users,


I would like to find out if any of our US software users and supporters have had the oportunity to test out any of the NCH Telephony Suite with the new Magic Jack VoIP system? I have had an enquiry in regards to this and as this system will only work in the United States I have not been able to perform any testing with it myself. Any input from you would be welcome. Thank you for your time.





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Hi, I was wondering if you guys have tried this out yet? I would like to set this up for myself and am not sure how to begin. Any information would be helpful.

Thank you.


I use magic jack virtually everyday for my outbound calls and the service has been great. There have been a few times when the device couldn't connect, but for the price and convenience I think magic jack is a great value.

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VRS recording system only records my voice, not the incoming callers voice on magicjack.


Here are my settings:

The record device selected is USB Internet phone by Tigerjet. My sound card is being used by VRS on channel 1 to record my home telephone calls.

I tried all of the settings, MONO, Left Input as mono, Right input as MONO, and stereo.

Record Input: Handset (nothing else in drop down list)

It is set on voice activated recording.


anyone have this same problem? I need to always record my magicjack calls as I use it for my business.


I used to use SKYPE with a DLINK device which automatically recorded every call, very clearly.


Please help!

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