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RELEASE: Express Delegate v 4.03 for Windows

Damian Lettie

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Changes in Express Delegate v 4.03 for Windows:

  • Added: Automatically import recordings from local folders or FTP servers. [Express Delegate Plus only]
  • Added: Support for many more audio file formats when creating a dictation using auto-import or the Web Control Panel. [Express Delegate Plus only]
  • Fixed: Uninstall was failing with "because it is being used by another user" error message if the uninstall was run without quitting the application.
  • Fixed: No longer get "Download Interupted" error in Express Scribe when attempting to Sync a large dictation file over a slower network connection.
  • Fixed: "Recording downloaded" message is no longer logged when the download times-out.
  • Fixed: Deadline was displayed incorrectly when web control panel's "Create New Dictation" page had invalid file name when "Create" was clicked.
  • Fixed: Deadline date & time values are now validated on web control panel's "Create New Dictation" and "Edit Dictation Details" pages.
  • Fixed: "Age" and "Deadline" list columns on web control panel's "Dictation" page were sorting incorrectly.
  • Changed: Window title and About text now better distinguish between Express Delegate (Trial) and Express Delegate Plus (Trial).

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