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size of files split for email is smaller than what I specified


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I'm using Express 5.05 PPC version; I don't know if my issue is mac-specific or not, though. I have set up Express to email my dictation to another person. In the settings, I entered 10 mb as the size limit for emailed files, so I would expect files to be split into 9 or 10 megabyte chunks. However, when I send my dictation, Express continues to split the file into approximately 1.1 megabyte files. I have tried entering other sizes for the limit, but it doesn't seem to make a difference.


Also, I found a tip in the support area to use an audio Codec to encode files to be smaller size; I can't find where I can choose a codec. Is this feature unavailable for the Mac version? I currently have the program set to encode to WAV format. the file I'm working with is 55 minutes long, and results in a 68 meg file. I'd like a smaller file. I tried changing the quality setting from High to Medium and Low, but all settings resulted in the same 68 meg file size. I also tried encoding to DCT format, but the file size was the same as for WAV format.


Any advice is appreciated.





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I have the same problem with 5.05 (we also use a Mac). We use Comcast cable internet connection, which limits attachments being sent to 10 MG, and anything larger than that I would get an error when trying to send it. I tried several different settings and setting the split to various sizes (including none) and also lowered the quality (which ultimately was inaudible at times). I had no where near the size of file as yours, so this is a problem with anything over 10MGs for us. I ended up limiting the dictation to under 3-4 minutes. This is not the solution, as I work in a law office, and documents can be very long. We just purchased a microphone, which has increased the quality 100%, so I will attempt to lower the quality of the file, hopefully increasing the time that can be dictated and sent, but this still will be limiting. Maybe NCH can suggest some "custom" compression settings? Otherwise, really happy with the software and recently purchased microphone through nch.

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By using Switch sound File Converter, I succeed dividing by 10 the size of the files: Just transcode from .dct to .mp3 using 32kb CVR Option

No quality degradation for speech

It is a pity that Express Dictate does'nt offer more saving possibilities at that I have to do an additionnal treatment before sending the files

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