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Multiple instances of Skype and Uplink possible?

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I can see that some say this is possible , but when I try to run another instance of uplink as another user on the same desktop, the existing uplink window simply reconnects to skype.


So I logged into the machine as another to start the second instance, user over Remote desktop and here is what I foud. Both Skype and uplink run happily as a second instance, however uplink insists on

1) a new license

2) registering to the same account, even though it automatically chooses the next SIP port.


I was hoping that since they are two different accounts i could truly direct the SIP calls differently.


If NCH can separate the Registration info (serial number) why can the 2 instances not register to different SIP accounts.? If I change the SIP account info in either instance it changes on both instances, again with different SIP ports and this makes no sense.


I believe this is a programming oversight.

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