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gateways including pstn and gsm


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i'm trying to find out some information about this pbx before to try it.


Is it compatible with no terrific issues with some basic GSM gateway and also PSTN analog gateway ?


In our office we have a gsm mobile line, a pstn line , a skype account, a voip account


We'd like to manage all this with an incoming group (3 extensions) and outgoing rules (mobile calls must be done via mobile gateway)


Is this possibile and easy?



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Hi novice ,


There is is a new call diverter for skype that divert landline and cell phone for


free to skype free. the name is "rylwy"


your incoming calls from your landline and cell phone will follow you for


free anywhere you travel, to another skype connection.


And you can make calls from your original landline anywhere


In the world as if you are near your landline

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In terms of PSTN gateways, Axon can work with many TAPI compliant voice boards (see the NCH website for more info) as well as networked FXO gateways like the Linksys/Sipura/Cisco SPA3000.


Skype calls can be handled through NCH's uplink application (costs extra). In my personal opinion however, it is not as stable as it could be and it has not been updated in sometime (i.e. may not even work with recent skype client versions). There are alternative software packages available on the net that can turn Skype into an SIP gateway including the official Skype to SIP gateway service (there is however a fairly hefty licensing cost on a per line per month basis).


I don't excplicitly know of any gsm gateways that work with Axon, but if it has a normal analog RJ11 phone port on it, you can probably just use it like a regular landline connection. If not, there may be some compatibility issues.

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