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Adding video to a PhotoStage slideshow & Vista O/S

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Can someone help with me? I am new at this.


1/ How does one add a video file (which has sound) to a photo slideshow made in PhotoStage?


2/ My operating system is the 64-bit version of Vista (not the 32-bit version). Does this matter to the Photostage program, AND can the DVD made, be played on a system which does not have the 64-bit version of Vista, or no Vista at all (a lot of machines still use Windows XP)?





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I've just done this with the Free edition and using Windows 7 (64 bit) so I guess it should work for you. I was using a .mov HD (1080) file with sound and it worked perfectly.


Under (1) ADD PHOTOS AND MEDIA FILES simply browse for your video file and open/add it as you would a photo file. Now Add it to the slideshow and treat it just the same as the photos already added. I added a cross-fade transition at the beginning and end of the clip and it worked fine.


As far as playing the DVD it should play as per any normal DVD regardless of the operating system, if that system already plays DVDs.

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